The history of La Tapatia Bakery goes back to south side Chicago in the late 1950's when the brother's Rodolfo and Ernesto Tejeda introduced the city to a unique style of baking that produced delicious pastries and breads with recipes developed by the two.  In the early 1960's,  Ernesto and his wife Aurora decided to venture out on their own and opened La Tapatia Bakery. It was located on 18th Street in the south side of Chicago and named in honor of Aurora who is a native of Jalisco, Mexico.   After more than 10 successful years in Chicago, Ernesto and Aurora decided with their 5 children, to move down to Grand Prairie, Texas in 1973.

With an already significant Hispanic population established in Grand Prairie because of the aerospace industry, the Tejeda's jumped on the idea to introduce their baking talent to Grand Prairie.  With little commerce in the area catering to Hispanics there was a cultural need that needed to be filled. That is when Ernesto and Aurora decided to open up a bakery and café. Despite doubts from a few City officials, and some Grand Prairie residents who were not comfortable seeing a growing Mexican population, the Tejeda family, opened the doors to the legendary LA TAPATIA BAKERY on April 22, 1975.  

The bakery was originally located at 417 S. E 8th Street, later becoming Belt Line Road. La Tapatia offered Hispanics in the area a little bit of home by a making pan dulce and breads with recipes developed by Ernesto and Aurora. By importing products from Mexico, not available in the area, La Tapatia was able to offer almost everything that reminded Hispanics their culture was present even though they were far from home. La Tapatia Bakery sold piñatas, pottery, herbs, records, Mexican soft drinks, religious items, and some household items. As the word quickly got out about the bakery people came from all areas and lined up for hours waiting to buy pan dulce and Mexican products.
As the years went by, one storefront became two, then three, all in the same location. Because of their strong customer base, the bakery has enjoyed longevity. Generations of families have blessed the bakery with their loyalty. La Tapatia's delicious pan dulce has been sent to all parts of the country and the world, and has put a smile on the faces of many of their customers serving in the U.S military all around the world. 

The Tejeda's have seen their business and their family grow throughout the years sharing those moments with their customers and their families.   La Tapatia Bakery's pan dulce has been blessed to be a part of many family gatherings, events, and memorable moments. Families of all cultural backgrounds have enjoyed the pastries and breads offered at the bakery. 

In March, 2011, the Tejeda family was devastated by the loss of the patriarch of the family.  Ernesto Tejeda passed away after losing his battle with cancer. The family continued to honor his memory by keeping the business open with the same recipes developed by Ernesto over 70 years ago.  Aurora Tejeda the matriarch of the family, returned to her supervising and consulting role, while her youngest daughter remained with the proprietorship and the management of the business.  The business kept the tradition of being a family run business with other members participating in supportive roles.

On January 9th, 2013, the Tejeda's were handed another overwhelming loss.  Their bakery of 37 years was closed due to fire damage. Everything they knew, the memories, the history, the stories, were gone in a matter of hours. Together with their customers and the City of Grand Prairie, the Tejeda's felt the loss of the bakery. La Tapatia has been an important tradition in the lives of many Hispanic families in Grand Prairie. And in the history of the Hispanic growth of Grand Prairie. 

After taking some time off to recuperate from the devastations the family endured, La Tapatia Bakery has returned in a new location! The new location is at 688 W. Pioneer Parkway, Grand Prairie conveniently located near; 161/ George Bush Tollway, I-20, I-30, Loop 12, and 360. The Tejeda family is excited and looking forward to continuing the legacy started by Ernesto and Aurora back in Chicago.  

New memories will  be made at the new location. The traditions will carry forward and the baking legend will continue to grow preparing the delicious bread Grand Prairie and the surrounding areas have grown to love.  Together, with La Tapatia Bakery, you will be a part of its continued history. New generations will be introduced to the bakery. And families will continue to gather with a setting of the best pan dulce and bolillo anywhere.

La Tapatia Bakery and family ... the only thing better is pan dulce and a cup of hot chocolate!

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